Warrior-Storyteller is first and foremost an artistic and written exploration of pagan spirituality and practical applications of this exploration for the purpose of creative success.

This project is deeply personal, and while one aim is to create resources that are useful to others, much of what I present here–particularly in the blog section–should be regarded as particular to my practice rather than as universal rules. That said, I present it in part so that others are able to pull aspects of it or their criticism of it into their own work.

Thank you for visiting.

Edeline Wrigh

My practice

I self-identify as a non-reconstructionist Celtic neopagan. In short, the majority of the structure of my spirituality draws from what we know of historical Celtic paganism, but the substance has a larger-than-standard amount of personal gnosis and blatantly pulls from other academic fields, especially ones having to do with the arts and symbolism.

At this time, I do not consider myself to be a druid or a witch, by which I mean I do not currently do spellwork or divination. Instead, I integrate studying, rituals, and worship into my day-to-day life and understand myself to have a role separate from that of those who do these things. It’s all about alignment and connecting to things above ourselves, y’know? I’m here to mostly keep my head down and make up stories and help other people do the same, for the time being.

I serve both the Morrighan and a goddess of personal gnosis, Rainna. And then there’s a spirit guide, Atalos, also personal gnosis. They work together, usually. Áine pops up from time to time, too, though I anticipate ramping up my work with her before 2019 closes out.

I am a dues-paying member of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship, Inc. and much of my personal inquiry and studying loosely follows its dedicant path curriculum at this time. Credit where credit is due. 😉