Coaching and consulting

I am available as a creativity coach and productivity strategist for artists and writers, especially those with a strong spiritual bend to their life and work.

I blend years of studying psychology, creativity, business and productivity with my own experiences as a fiction writer, visual artist, and spiritual seeker. I’m deeply invested in an interdisciplinary approach to creating systems that work for you–that is, finding the balance between structure and lack of structure, drive and relaxation, and goals and impulse that will help you accomplish what you want to accomplish in ways that leave you energized and inspired.

I can help you with things like:

  • Finding ways to consistently show up for a long-term project instead of stopping and starting a ton of them.
  • Reconnecting with your muse using sustainable techniques and adventures.
  • Finding the courage to consider yourself an artist, to begin a daunting project, or to experiment with new mediums.
  • Connecting with a divine source (God/god/goddess/’the one source,’ etc) to align your creative steps with your larger purpose.
  • Meditation and visualization techniques to manage anxiety around creating.
  • Elaborate and less elaborate ritual work to increase focus on your projects.
    Creating productivity strategies that will allow you to get more done in less time and/or to get a lot done using small steps.
    Navigating real-life barriers to consistency as a creative, such as balancing a day job or mental/physical health issues.

I am not interested in creating a one-size-fits all coaching package and writing a spicy sales page to entice you. Instead, at this time I am creating custom offers based on specific personal needs. These can be anything from single sessions to ongoing coaching.

If what I say here and on the rest of my site resonates with you, please fill out this form. I will respond with an offer based on your needs, ask any clarifying questions, and/or provide alternative resources via email if I am unable to be helpful.

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